Claire Oatway

SpecialityIndependent Consultant, former Chief Operating Officer at Beacon Medical Group, Plymouth

I’m highly experienced at driving individuals, teams and multi-million pound organisations to stretch further.

I’ve a natural aptitude for handling complexity and have helped organisations to innovate through asking more from their big data, supporting cross-functional interface and getting closer to the customer.

As Chief Operating Officer for Beacon Medical Group I steered the team to set a new identity and structure. I’ve led major service redesign from the initial merger to subsequent acquisitions growing the business to support 39,000 patients and to continually increase turnover in the shadow of ever tighter public finances. In 2017 we secured our ambition to disrupt the local health and care economies by becoming of the first Primary Care Homes – an initiative led by the National Association of Primary Care. Spearheading the largest practice in the Far South West I’ve enjoyed sharing expertise and energy with countless organisations directly or via national and international conferences.

I’m an architect of ideas, having worked with senior City leaders to design, align and deliver their strategic vision. With creativity and relational skills I’ve been able to exert influence beyond my authority in a broad range of projects. In my new role, I’m more directly shaping local policy and agitating the local system.

I’m a driven and enthusiastic person and love to energise people into taking action – even if for them it feels like that’s taking on the world. I’m an innovator and connector working with ideas and stakeholders to extend market share and generate maximum stakeholder benefit.