09:05 – 09:45

Optimising your practice’s finances as part of a Primary Care Network

  • How will increased funding paid to the network impact on your practice income?
  • Managing day to day finances now your practice is part of a network
  • Are there opportunities for cost savings and efficiencies as part of a network?
  • What can you do to limit the impact of COVID-19 on practice finances?

    Includes 15-minute Q&A


Digital transformation – how new technologies can help you improve patient care and save time and money for your practice

  • Consolidating the digital advances prompted by COVID-19, understanding your future options and upskilling your team
  • How practices are working collaboratively and making use of new technology to meet demand, improve patient care and address practice workload
  • Maximising practice income through digitally enabled primary care

    Includes 15-minute Q&A


Networking break


Understanding how practice data can help you manage workload and improve patient care

  • Using practice clinical system data to understand demand and flow across the practice
  • Directing practice resources to optimise impact on workload and workforce
  • Monitoring and measuring impact and continuous quality improvement

    Includes 10-minute Q&A


Managing patient complaints in primary care

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Complaints are unavoidable, so knowing how to deal with them appropriately when they arise is vital. With the new GP contract, practice staff working across multiple locations and the recent move to more remote consultations, effective complaints handling across the primary care network is important. This session will explore:

  • Managing complaints: the medico-legal issues that can arise and what your practice or group can do to minimise the risk of getting a complaint from patients
  • Regulation and ethical standards: the NHS complaints procedure and your obligations
  • Clinical negligence and medico-legal support: using lessons learned as a driver for change and improvement.


Knowledge share session: Collaboration with neighbouring practices

Facilitated discussion to share experiences and discuss solutions to key practice challenges.

Focus: Collaboration – How can you make a start, share good practice and build productive relationships across the network?



Lunch break and supplier presentations


Building and managing an effective multidisciplinary team in your practice

  • Creating a vision and embedding new team members from different disciplines
  • Embracing cultural change for a common goal
  • Leadership challenges, training and development
  • Overcoming barriers to effective multidisciplinary working
    Includes Q&A

Claire Oatway, Independent Consultant, former Chief Operating Officer at Beacon Medical Group, Plymouth


Knowledge share session: empowering nurses

Facilitated discussion to share experiences and discuss solutions to key practice challenges

Focus: Practice nurses – How can you empower your nurses to optimise their impact within your multidisciplinary practice team? 

Facilitator: Claire Oatway, Independent Consultant, former Chief Operating Officer at Beacon Medical Group, Plymouth

14:25- 14:40

Coffee break


Social prescribing: All your questions answered

This interactive Q&A clinic with a social prescribing expert will offer tips and solutions to help you recruit, embed and optimise the impact of your new link worker.



Team wellbeing: How to ensure your practice team is mentally and physically fit for the challenges ahead

  • Creating a culture of positive wellbeing and building resilience in the team
  • Recognising and addressing the early signs of stress and burn-out

Includes Q&A

This interactive and fun session will help you to recognise and prevent burnout in yourself and your team. You will leave energised with practical solutions and tips to improve wellbeing both at work and at home.

Dr Helen Garr, Portfolio GP and Clinical Lead, National GP Health Service


Chair’s closing remarks and end of conference