About Medeconomics

Medeconomics is a GP business resource providing practical, accessible advice and information on all the important factors affecting the life of a busy general practice. The website is organised as a practice management toolkit with the added extras of real-life case studies, in-depth analysis, and a database of claimable fees. The content is aimed primarily at senior partners and practice managers, helping them to be individually more effective and make their practices more efficient.

But there is also much to learn for GPs and managers at all stages of their careers who want to better understand the complexities of practice management and GP partnerships. Our aim is to make a subscription to Medeconomics excellent value for money by helping users to maximise practice profits, meet all necessary performance targets and provide the highest quality service to patients

About Medeconomics Live

This one day conference will provide you with the insight and practical advice you need to help your practice thrive under the new GP contract.

Delegates will be seated at tables to encourage networking and our facilitated knowledge-sharing sessions will help colleagues solve problems and learn from each other.

Join us to discuss your practice needs with specialist suppliers covering all aspects of frontline general practice, offering new solutions and opportunities for the 2020s.